NEW Maru (As A Kitteh!)

Most of us only know Maru has a rather Blorpular Circle. But there was a time when…believe it or not…he wasn’t Blorpy. Nope.

Like when he was SIX MONTHS OLD. Let’s flashback, shall we?



  1. You lied to us, Brinke. His Thickness was blorpy even then. And persistent. The ‘worried look’ seems to be the one thing he’s grown out of.

  2. I feel like this video really explains how his “if it fits, I sits” mentality came to be.

  3. “if I fits”… oops.

  4. I won’t believe Maru was EVER teeny until I see baby pix. Please?

  5. Total chunk of a kittah destined for full blorpitude.

  6. Mrs. Norris says:

    A charmer from the start!!!

  7. Snacktime says:

    Wait. Maru used to be a kitten??

  8. Always cute, but admit it, and well fed !

  9. <3<3<3 Always curious

  10. Looks like he always had a melon head and thick-ish bone structure. And we love him for it.

  11. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Yeah. He may or may not be a bit chubby now, but he’s always been bus-shaped.

  12. I knew he couldn’t have evolved into his current level of blorpitude overnight! These things take time, effort and a real commitment to ummm…. eating waaay too much on a daily basis. Not that I’d know anything about that. 🙂

  13. You gotta be kidding… For six months old this is as blorpy as it gets. I have a red Maine Coon who looked like a giant, stretched squirrel then. I think most cats are slim at that age.

  14. Well, remember….the camera does put on 10lbs. (snicker, snicker).

  15. kimmiegirl says:

    He probably weighs about as much there at six months as Hana weighs now at two years. Maru has always been a large presence. But that is just part of his charm. I remember when poor Mugomogu had to block off the tub because he was forever swatting at her drain stoppers and losing them.

  16. Maru is just a round kitty, and I wouldn’t want him any other way. Oh, I hope Mom has Marukitten-in-box pics.

  17. ocelot252 says:

    And now I’m late for work. But for Maru it’s worth it. I’d watch him all day if I could.