Internet Cat Of The Year: And Your Winner Is…

In honor of National Cat Day tomorrow, Imgur has announced the 2015 Internet Cat of The Year: Slinky Kitten. Over the past 12 months on Imgur, cat fans have poured over the Internet’s nuttiest cat stories, “upvoting” the best of the best to crown a champion:

CatDaypost1 (1)

With that in mind- Imgur presents the Cat Class of 2015 highlighting the Internet’s best cat gifs, pics, bloops and memes to go viral on Imgur in the past year. Here is the entire list, and we present a selected sampling below: (Which, um, brought my home bandwidth to its knees, but that’s a different story.)

#6: Most Likely To Start A Prison Riot (Views: 2,368,023)

#10: Most Relaxed (Views: 1,320,284)

#11: Most Likely To Live North Of The Wall (Views: 1,995,621)

#12: Best Cat Stack (Views: 1,411,901)

#13: Most Athletic (Views: 3,995,913)

Thanks to Melanie H.



  1. Blue Footed Booby says:

    #3 is really relaxing to watch. Want a giant to rub MY fuzzy cheeks.

  2. Sitting in my office laughing helplessly. Fortunately my coworkers are used to this.

  3. How come I see only numbers 1, 6, and 10-13?

  4. Deckard Canine, click through to the Imgur page. You won’t regret it. Now the laughter has me wiping tears from my eyes.

  5. tiamatsdg says:

    There’s nothing like the flying cat video. My favorite!

  6. The white cat with the amazing blue eyes did me in. I have as yet resisted colored contact lenses but…

  7. I think Mr. Prison riot might have some (serious?) health problems. Something seems to be pushing his eyeballs out of their sockets. Is there something like Basedow’s disease in cats?

  8. 6ToedCatsRule says:

    Don’t stare at the blue-eyed cat; you will lose your mind

  9. SlaveToCat says:

    I feel so bad for the athletic kitty. I fully support whatever the kitty decides on for the fate of his hoomin. Impending Doom the Return of the Force.