I Don’t Get No Respect

[I sit here all day long, just charging up my Zen and soaking up some Solars- and these little knuckleheads think I’m their own personal jungle gym. They might be right.]

(Tastefully Offensive)



  1. Is there no respect?

  2. Man, I want an ROUS….

  3. I’m sure he just meant to give him a ‘boop.’ Who could resist? That giant nose, hovering overhead . . . .

  4. That’ll do, monkey. That’ll do.

  5. Still can’t break his mellow. 🙂

  6. Barb and Paul says:

    My little brother acquired a pet spider monkey when I was in high school, named “Monk-Out.” We eventually found him a much more suitable home, but while he was with us, it was NEVER dull around the house. Or our Granville, Ohio neighborhood (because he got out one day, and the rest is history). The terrorized neighbors are still talking about it … Memories.

  7. ** BOOP !! **

  8. Yeesh! Talk about your playground bullies! What a saucy little monkey!

  9. You can see the thought bubble over his head:

    Go ahead kid, you’re bothering me.

  10. fkaWaldenPond says:

    Well, after seeing this, initially I was I on the side of the Capy for most of the evening… then I spied my cat catching some zzzz’s and was compelled to smooch him, disturb his lovely slumber as he feels it is necessary to wake me up at 4:30 IN THE MORNING… so we don’t know what happens in the off hours… team cheeky monkey right now.

  11. The minkee gave capy a bimp on the nose.