These Days…You Can’t be TOO Careful

Here at Cute Overload, we take home security seriously. That’s why we’re proud to announce our new service called “C.O. HomeSafe™.” Soon, you’ll be able to click on a page on the C.O. site, and pick your own SecureCat™. We offer overnight drop-ship services (along with our partner DHL™) to anywhere in the world. Installation is simple: just place SecureCat™ in a prominent place within your home, and SecureCat™ does the rest. We guarantee he/she will NEVER move from his/her spot. Except for dinner.

Protecting your home and family is what C.O. HomeSafe™ is all about. Coming soon!

(“This is Monty, the neighborhood greeter and ambassador of goodwill, who fearlessly approaches dogs and their walkers on the front sidewalk with a smile on his face. Here he is guarding the gate and his favorite bit of wall after a hard day.” -Michael S.)



  1. That is a big boy. Is he a neighborhood cat or does he have a steady home?

  2. Sleeping on the Job ?? Does this security system wake up if I unwrap a slice of cheese (aka my beagle) or in this case open a can of tuna.

  3. Kitty looks like he belongs there.Aesthetic choice on the part of the landscaper.