ResQte Of The Week (Toesday/Halloweeny Edition)

As far as I’m concerned..there is NOTHING better for Halloween (even better than Brach’s Pumpkins) than a continual stream of Rescued Puppehs popping out of a plastic pumpkin. NOTHING.

They’re at Second Chances Rescue in Norco, California.



  1. Clearly a treat. Why did I always get those awful circus peanuts in my trick or treat bag and not an adorable puppy?

  2. If I wasn’t clear across the country…

  3. I’m glad that the woman tried to care for these little guys and even more that she realized that she needed help, whatever the reason.

    Bet these guys fly out the door faster than witches on brooms.

  4. I see videos like this and just want to care for all the homeless pets in the world. Why can’t I be a super pet caring hero?

  5. How can you not love them, with those floppy little ears and the prosh little wimperingks?

  6. ok .. Those are great treats .. but can you teach them tricks ? *grins*