Hmmm…This Is EITHER…

….one of those furry hats Sean Connery wore in “Hunt For Red October,”…or “Katherina, in the classic meatloaf position, with the end slice in view and haunches up.” Your guess is as good as mine. Pic/description from Michael S.



  1. Even though I can’t see her face, I can tell she is a beautiful cat.

  2. We can see the ear! Definitely a cat! Without the shadow of a doubt! (and with the shadow of a cat’s ear!)

  3. @Tobe Damit …naaaah, that’s just the leather bit used to secure the flaps on the furry hat! 😉

    (I’ve been known to inform the furry cat in my life that she would make MAGNIFICENT furry slippers. This has yet to have the desired effect on her behavior.)

  4. I’ll take a bit ‘o’ that end slice if you don’t mind!

  5. OK, I would not be able to resist the temptation to pick up that floofy ball and run inside to the nearest couch or armchair, where I would spend some time snorgling (ignoring the pointy bits), skritching and talking baby talk to Katherina. 😉

  6. That’s Dr Zhivago’s hat!

  7. I thought it was matchinks kitten laying between mom’s haunches.

  8. Looks like a smoke. I had a gorgeous dark gray cat that I named chiaroscuro, Chiaro for short.

  9. Very observant daisycam!I would not have noticed that if youhadnt said something.It totally looks like a little kitten laying on her rear!