Headline THIS: You’re Putting That WHERE?

[*Update 1:11pm PT: Thanks to Ella for the header and everyone else who commented. Stay tuned for Thursday, 6am PT. -Ed.]

Say, time for another edition of “Headline THIS!” “Her name is Polly Hill, after a botanical garden in Massachusetts,” writes Christina D. (Yep- we gave the dog a last name.) Here she is at her first Vet appointment (getting ready for her Puppy shots) with my Mom (Judith) on the left and a Vet Tech on the right. I took the photos last Saturday @ Adobe Animal hospital in Palo Alto, CA. The dog…was not having a fun Saturday night. Hope you think she’s as cute as I do!”

So- you know the score. Polly OBVY knows what’s about to go down. Write up your best header and we’ll run our fave at 1pm PT! (FYI the tech used an ear thermometer.)

[*Note: We’ll have an extra speshyul edition of Headline THIS coming up on Thursday- @cuteoverload has a bit o’ info on that. Just sayin.’ -Ed.]



  1. I got a bad feeling ’bout this!

  2. sandy1943 says:

    Serious fresh treats are somewhere I just now it !!

  3. Do scales weigh in dog years too?

  4. “I can’t hold them off forever! Now what?”

  5. Maybe if I flap these things hard enough, I can fly away?

  6. Sigh. Guess it’s time for Weight Watchers…or Jenny Craig.

  7. “Dear Lord, HELP me!”

  8. Athos' Mom says:

    This leash adds at least 3 pounds.

  9. “One thing’s for sure, we’re all gonna be a lot thinner.”

  10. The puppeh has a problem with the reading material ..

    Score: +20 for the nice vet techs
    -10 points for out of date reading material in the office.

  11. Vet: “No matter how much he cries, no matter how much he begs, never feed him after midnight.”

  12. The Proshest Loser

  13. Clarence W says:

    “Weight a minute, what’s that you’re holding?”

  14. Just how heavy are those ears?

  15. KMart’s new advertising campaign: I just shipped my (Corgi)pants!

  16. Enjoy this, I do not.

  17. “When you look at the dark side, careful you must be because the dark side looks back.”

  18. Nurse, get me 50 cc’s of Milk-Bone and a chew toy. I’m afraid we’re going to have to snuggle.

  19. Exits are over there and over there.

  20. Lynsey Boatman says:

    “Pssst…you with the camera…get me outta here!!”

  21. No direct eye contact, Minions.

  22. I want a THIRD opinion here!

  23. Shouldn’t have had that last cookie…

  24. Badá Rock says:

    “This might be a dog”
    “Hmmm I’m not sure, maybe”