Are You Kidding Me?

Good GRIEF! I don’t know what got me first, the Blinky McBlinkersons eyes or the Spock Ears. Fascinating. Leaving for Oregon now.

“These ‘Caracal Kittens’ have it all: ear tufts, eyebrows, Hercule Poirot mustaches??!!!, Fierce Hissing!! Big Blue Eyes!! This YouTube video of Caracals from the Oregon Zoo is too much. I’m just urging you to feast your eyes and post!” -Jeanette.



  1. Are these the Blinky McBlinkersons? My mistake-I thought they were the Jumpy McJumpersons…

  2. I think I am in love =D

  3. What fancy ears!…and extravagant adorableness…and the cutest fierce there ever was. More please.

  4. grytlappar says:

    That’s my spirit animal right there. I’m obsessed.

  5. That tiny fierce hissing!

  6. Those are the most devious looking kitties I’ve ever seen!!

  7. It was the bouncypouncing that got me. So adorable.

  8. CozyKitty says:

    I think I’m in love!!

  9. I loff them!!! 🙂

  10. Sharon Wilson says:

    They also have stumbly feets!

  11. it looks like someone drew mustaches and eyebrows on them with a Sharpy!