Vaht Are You Starink At?

[My NAME…ees LOKI. LOH-KYE. Like the “Thor” moofee. So..eet ees just a few days ’til Halloveen. Vaht ees da beeg deal? By da vay– vaht ees your blahd type? Just…curious.]







(Bored Panda.)



  1. Even when he’s happy, he’s mad.

  2. That first one just slays me! Such adorable menace! Any chance we could get a big wallpaper of that one, pretty pretty please, dear Brinke?

  3. Vaht a vonderful little fella! I loffs him!

  4. Katie Novota says:

    Is he an Internet Cat Star? If not, he should be. I think he would be great in a 4-panel meme with Grumpy Cat.

  5. you know what they say if looks could kill this cat would of killed you long ago, lol

  6. “I am not amused…” is what that first pic is saying to me.

  7. Oh, he is cute :)……I loff him also!!! 🙂 Is there a story behind why kitties teeth are always showing?

  8. Totally Jersey says:

    The bathrobe pic? *Ded*

  9. Loki looks like my late dad’s favorite cat. He always enjoyed pointing out her visible fangs and telling people she looked like a saber toothed tiger. (Needless to say, she looked NOTHING like a saber toothed tiger.)

  10. And so a new internet sensation is born. 🙂

  11. Yep, bathrobe pic is the winner!
    Yes, another star is born….those eyes are just AMAZING!

  12. @Karen- how’s that? I tried to do a desktop wallpaper, but the source image is vertical and when I tried to make it wallpaper size, it distorted too much to use.

  13. I love Loki!! I follow the Instagram, it’s so precious!!

  14. (And I think Loki is a girl if memory serves)

  15. I luff how his leeps match his teefs. They eyes!!!

  16. @Katie Novota: I think she is. That type of cat seems to be very popular right now. Here’s another reddit favorite – Scuba:

  17. Brinke, that’s fantastic! I put him (her?) in on a black background and it’s just faboo. Perfect for Halloween! (And probably many months to come!) Thank you!!

  18. (Better yet, I changed the background to match the dark brown border [RGB: 27, 15, 1 if anyone wants to do the same] and now it’s perfect. Thanks again!)

  19. Grumpy Cat vs. Angry Cat! I bet he’s the sweetest thing too.

  20. This is a MAGNIFICENT example of a kitty. I love him so much!!