NEW: The Many Looks Of Maru

We usually see Maru in much the same way each time- round. Here we get different views of The Blorpy One, with a cameo by Hana.




  1. We should have been able to guess Mugumogu’s secret–put the costumes on a box, and Maru will just climb in and stay put. The penguin and lion were my faves.

  2. OMG the cow… that cow… It’s back! (OK my brain has exploded.)

  3. The penguin is also my favorite, although in my head it has been dubbed Perplexed Penguin. Mugumogu shows us even more of her understated brilliance!

  4. Of course that’s what her secret is… a box >:3 XD

  5. It is so funny that he will repeatedly stick his face in there. Neither of my cats would do that. He is a unique and funny cat.

  6. Mari is still the king of the Internet cats. The music fit the video perfectly.

  7. Hana is pretty girthy now, too!