Interview With Skidmark’s HERO Hoomin!

‘Member the kitteh that was rescued from the Oklahoma intersection? Here’s the latest info! (And his Instagram.)

Laney (above) is the name of Skidmark’s rescue hoomin, and she told C.O. earlier this morning,

“Skids has gotten used to being in the house with us two giants, and loves chasing our feet! He pretty much just runs around the house like a mad man. We are researching some good cat condos to get him something fun for him to climb up and down – and to hopefully stop tearing up the couches! He has been doing spectacularly! Once his energy dies down, he is a super cuddly kitty! We do plan on keeping the name Skidmark, I told the Internet that was his name – no going back now!”




  1. Yay! Little Skids has found a wonderful forever home with his bike-riding hero! He’s an adorable little kitty so glad to get an update on him. I predict he is going to have a loving action-packed life!

  2. Lucky kittayn and lucky hoomins ❤

  3. Such a wonderful story! I wish Skidmark and his hero many happy years together.

  4. Mingles' Mommy says:

    He’s beautiful and so is his mama. Yay!

  5. He’s so adorable napping on her lap. It’s like fate brought them together.

  6. Just heard that a local stray kitten adoption is working out, so Skids makes two good stories today. Yay for cat people!

  7. Skids is the luckiest cat, and he’s got lucky peeps too.

  8. Oh please, like Skids was going anywhere besides lap to couch and back to lap.

  9. I love a happy ending! Skids is so cute!

  10. P.S. A tip for Skids’ mom…place vertical strips of double sided tape on the couches where Skids likes to claw (for my cat it was the corners of the couch). For me it worked like a charm!

  11. Laney, you ROCK! Skids looks so happy and cute. As lots of us around here will tell you, orange kitties are always good kitties! (Greetings from Michigan–love your tank!)

  12. So they’re keeping him? Big shock. I think we all saw that coming a mile away. 🙂

  13. so happy seeing him enjoying a nap in a safe place

  14. Hooray! I am so thrilled Skids has a forever home with you. ❤ happy endings!

  15. I couldn’t be more happy for Skidmark and his hoomins. Having had an almost identical experience on a highway with my father driving in the 1960s, I know exactly what it’s like to scoop up a tiny little red kitty in traffic. Had the cat for years and named her Scarlet O’Hara. Wishing Skidmark a long and happy life.

  16. Calico Angel says:

    Already been said but…. like we didn’t figure out last week that Skids would have a forever home!
    But yeah again to you Laney. Skids is too cute. You’re a hero.

    I have a 15 year old orange kitty that was dumped at a Home Depot. He was about 4 weeks old, sick, scared, cold and hungry. He has been the best kitty and although he’s a little slower these days he’s still a kitten at heart and a lover extraordinaire.

  17. @faye, that was a cute story and name, Scarlet O’hara. Glad that your dad stopped for kittens.

  18. If Karma is a thing, you have good karma in spades!! He’s adorbs.

  19. Marie Boog says:

    You are my hero. I wish there were more people like you. But kitty is so cute. Can’t he have a prettier name than Skidmark? How about mommies middle name. Someone you admire. Skid is kinda cute. Just not the full name. Thank you for being so selfless. I wish you and Skiddy cat nothing but the best. Marie

  20. AWW 😀 I hope you have many long and happy years with dear sweet Skidmark (Skids) 😀 Karma will make sure of that (cybergal on YouTube) 😀