Happy Halloween, Maymo

Given the ongoing fact that the living room couch is the epicenter of The Maymo Universe, it makes total sense that a giant Halloween Spider decides to attack him there, correct?



  1. I want to install Maymo to protect me from web crawlers!

  2. @Oakley – but then will he eat all your internet cookies?

    Good dog, Maymo! I love around :45 when he peeks over the top.

  3. So Penny can secretly turn into a giant spider?

  4. I thought for sure he was going to make it his giant dog bed, but that didn’t last! The destruction continues…

  5. Maymo is getting right up there with Honey Badger–whatever it is, he “don’t care!” 8-D Let’s see, he’s faced down the giant spider, the zombie hand of death, Bad Horse the Thoroughbred of Sin . . . whatever next?!

  6. I’m guessing Maymos Hoomins do not have children. May no & Penny seem to be the children of the house eh?

  7. Maymo is Samwise in Lord of the Rings! 🙂

  8. Keeled it. What’s next? Funny little Maymo.