Last Bunday Of ‘Tocktober!

Where HAS the time gone? Got some Double ‘Tocks this time around, thanks to Matthew & Kelley. “Dear C.O., please accept the Fluffy ‘Tocks of our Rescue Bunnies. The Light Grey Bun (below) is Sassafras Buttocks Biden, aka Sassy Butt. We don’t usually reveal her middle name, but for ‘Tocktober we felt we had to make an exception. The dark grey bun (above) is Joe “Bitey” Biden, who, as you might guess from his name, is a bit of a biter. We are daily visitors to your site and thank you for many years of Cuteness!”




  1. I love bunneh tocks & furry feet. So glad you rescued these lovely grey bunnehs. Maybe with time and trust, Joe ” Bitey” will give up most of that habit.

  2. “Sassy Butt” – such a cute name and perfect! Lovely bunnies, really beautiful!