Bunday: “My Year With The Rabbit: Episode One”

Wait ’til you see this Bouncin’ Bun- in Super Slo Mo, no less! “I just started a YouTube channel for my new adopted angora/lionhead rabbit, Jack Bauer, and posted the first video. My name is Daniel F. and I edited the video with Selina Y. If you get a chance to post about him I would be so psyched, Cute Overload has been my favourite for a long time!”



  1. Aawww precious, happy bunneh binkies. Jack is so cute and has to be quite fuzzy, with angora & lionhead fur. I hope he learns to better judge his distance from walls but that’s a bunneh for you, not always looking before leaping.

  2. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies, indeed! Such an adorable sweetie!

  3. Jack is an adorable bunny! Thanks for sharing him with us and for giving him a great home!

  4. The fluff really highlights the motion. Like the waves of a furry ocean.

  5. OmG…that is one sweet beautiful happy crazy cute and adorable bunny !…loved the slo mo 🙂

  6. Well said, @phoenix!