Mom Dude Taxi 58: Anybody Missing A Seal?

OK, it’s not really a Mom Taxi. But out of nowhere, this little guy/girl decides to hitch a ride. That counts, right?

(Tastefully Offensive.)



  1. Oh my garsh, that’s beautiful. And the laugh! This just puts joy in my heart!

  2. What a wonderful experience this guy had. Can’t believe how the little seal lion wants to snuggle.

  3. Mmm….seal looks so comfurtabuhls.

  4. That’s a sea lion (external ear flaps)

  5. Daww what a sweet encounter. I love the snuggling.

  6. The actual seal (or sea lion…) of approval.

  7. I wouldn’t be able to handle that. The sea lion would have to help me get the boat back to shore.

  8. That totally counts! The sea lion obviously approves. Dude taxi FTW!

  9. Men o’ Cute Overload calendar worthy!

  10. @mamabear totally agree
    I think it is the whiskers, mistook him for his dad 😉

  11. I am really enjoying this remake of The Thing With Two Heads. Sealio really captures the essence of the Ray Milland character.

  12. ** SEAL ** Of Approval !!

  13. grytlappar says:

    Are those the cutest ears? ❤

  14. Hey! I paddle all the time around the Coronado Bridge (San Diego), shown in the video, and I’ve had anything climb on my kayak except seaweed! Must go paddling more.