Seventeen Reasons To Own A Black Cat

Got this timely email today from Dave K., who writes “I’m Dave…a dude with six cats over at I recently put together an infographic on 17 reasons to own a black cat. Particularly important topic with Halloween coming up.” (And here’s Reason #16, the Janet Jackson song.)

Cat image via Shutterstock.



  1. Also, black kitties are super sweet!

  2. Aw, I love this- I grew up with four cats and the sweetest one was our black cat. Today, two black dogs own me, and again are the least likely of dogs to get adopted! Every now and then the local humane society has a “sale” on black dogs! They’re the best!

  3. Reason 2 is enough for them all

  4. I miss my black cat more than the other dearly departed kitties. (don’t tell them)
    PS nobody in the Middle Ages thought the world was flat. I’ve already contacted the author.

  5. Pairs well with a ginger.

  6. Testify!!!! Rule 17 right here 🙂
    I have 2 black cats and they are amazing. I’ve always had pets of some sort since I was little, but never a black cat. They are really special and I am much more aware of the black cat/dog stigma for adoption. I would like to add to my menagerie (we have a b&w border collie as well) but I don’t think my hubby would allow it.
    Beautiful eyes!!

  7. Barb and Paul says:

    I have had several black kitties in my life, and they have all had the most wonderful, loving temperaments. We have one now, a little formerly feral kitty, who is just a darling. Black cats are awesome!

  8. Thanks for this post and the intro to Six Cats One Dude…I’m loving both! All cats are beautiful, but there’s something special and often mysterious about a black cat.

  9. AprilFoolery says:

    I have a beautiful black cat named Chaos! She’s sweet and vocal.

  10. I have 3 black cats and they are all very smart and incredible pets. I must have a little witch in me because I have had a black cat in my house hold for the last 25 years. Now I wouldn’t be without one of these amazing creatures to admire and love. Also they all very cute. Black cats rule !

  11. Animallover says:

    Proud to be a slave to two black beauties. I love black cats and I would have a house full if I could!

  12. My black-cat Kona is getting into the salt-and-pepper age at 14 years old. He now sports 4 white whiskers, 2 on each side; he never had white whiskers when he was a young lad. His fur is speckled with gray-white furs. He has turned into a true handsome gentle-kitty.

  13. Buffy Summers says:

    The last cat I adopted I made sure was a black cat. He is the sweetest boy named Ian with golden eyes and some white on his chest and between his legs underneath. Do you notice some black cats have small patches of white fur or just a few white hairs?

  14. Phred's Mo says:

    Ben-Him was black and lived seventeen years full of
    love and moxie. He played “fetch”, came when called,
    ran to the door when he heard our car, was doggeh
    Phred re-incarnated in a cat suit.
    It’s twenty-four years since he
    passed and I still miss him hugely. *snf*

  15. Will never live w/out at least one black beauty in my life.


  16. I have 4 black cats so I’m really lucky! Plus I put them in my artwork. Nothing like a beautiful black cat shape to draw the viewer in.

  17. We have to have 17 responses! Choose a black cat, a black dog, a black gerbil, a black anole (now I’m really reaching) because it is the right thing to do. Basic black. It’s timeless, it’s trendy, it’s cool, it saves lives. Be lucky. Adopt black!

  18. I am 78 years old and just got my first cat, not intentionally, but because my daughter’s cat would allow her to keep this new rescue. I thought I was a “dog” person, but my black cat, Shadow, showed me that I am a crazy cat woman. He is the best cat in the world and very smart – he had me perfectly trained in less than a week.

  19. My sis’s owner Zoe is a great example of #8. She’s a 15-yo longhair who spends a lot of time sitting on the living room window sill in the sun, watching the birds. I always wondered why she looked so brown, especially her chest. Now I know why! =^..^=