Lion Cubs 1, Pumpkins 0

These little guys at the Columbus Zoo were given pumpkins to play with. The pumpkins never knew what hit ’em.

(Tastefully Offensive.)



  1. Royal babies having a Halloween bash in style.

  2. The cubs seem to have shaven patched on their bodies, anyone know the reason.

  3. Sharon Wilson says:

    Maybe they’ve had minor surgeries–some of the kittehs at Best Friends have those.

  4. Very cute! I love they way the cubs were all lined up at the start and were all cautious about what these strange things were!

  5. I just visited the Columbus zoo on Monday the 19th. Unfortunately I didn’t see these little cuties. Only their dad was out that day……..he’s beautiful too! 🙂

  6. Love the music!

  7. Maybe the shaved patches are for identification? They all seem to be in different places.