Holy Anole, Batman!

“Dear Cute Overload, Anoles are cute too, am I right? This little one is living on my dahlias. Cheers, Nikki (from Macon, GA.)”

Anole? What? Let’s go to Ye Olde Oxford Dictionary.

[əˈnōlē] NOUN: A small, mainly arboreal American lizard with a throat fan that (in the male) is typically brightly colored. Anoles have some ability to change color. Also called “chameleon.”

Ah, so an Anole…is a Chameleon. NOW I get it.


UPDATE 3:01pm PT: And this one just in from Andrea S.

“You bet they’re cute! As soon as I took this picture (through a window), he moved. Love his feets!”



  1. There’s tons of these scampering all over the place here in FL, and they do change color.

  2. Such a very long tail! I didn’t know chameleons were also called anoles.

  3. Anoles are somewhat chameleonic in that they can change from brown to green. I had two as pets for a while. They were normally brown to match the sticks in their tank, but when they were eating their crickets, they would slowly turn a gorgeous bright green.

  4. The lizard that was sleeping curled up in the rose,in an earlier post.
    Sort of looks like a mini-gator.

  5. I live in South Georgia. We have tons of those little guys as well. Sometimes they get in the house and I have to catch them because they scare the begeebus out of all the other females in the house. I don’t know why. They’re adorable little critters.

  6. Ooo the update pic is awesome. He’s playing hide and seek but doesn’t realize we can all see him. Yup! Love the feets!

  7. What simulflow said. One species of anole is called the American Chameleon because it can (kind of) change color, but they are NOT chameleons. They don’t have those amazing eyes that can turn independently any which way, for one thing. And all chameleons live in the Old World, for another. And about eight other things (those amazing feet with two toes forward and two toes back; the prehensile tail — not all chameleons have all those traits, but still, not a chameleon).