♬ Hey Hey We’re The Munksters ♫

When I first saw this clip, I thought “Why did Sharon I. send in a video of a Chipmunk statue on her backyard patio? I mean, it IS Cute, but it’s still….a statue.”

Or so I thought.

[*Note: SFX added in after the fact. -Ed.]



  1. The knuckleheads are starting to trust me enough that one of them jumped on my lap this morning as *I* say as still as a statue!!!!!!! Squee!!

  2. jodys jungle says:

    You are so lucky to have these little critters.

  3. Too cute! It took me a few seconds to figure out why they were holding so still. I’m assuming that commenter Sharon is also submitter Sharon, which means they’re now becoming friends! How fantastic!!

  4. Oh those chippymunks are so cute! I’d love to have one jump on my lap. Be warned, they will eat and eat, if you start to feed them.

  5. Hi Karen. It IS me! I sat super still for about 30 minutes and one of the braver babies came over to explore some flower pots next to me. Next thing I know *pop* a little baby jumped onto my lap before scaring himself- then he quickly scedaddled away. Tomorrow I’ll go out with more seed and see if I can gain even more trust 😀

  6. Trisha Miller says:

    Love it! Wish I had some little chippies in my back yard! I’d sit out there all day with seeds for them!

  7. @Sharon I’m sure you be “fast” friends. Have fun!

  8. stunbunny says:


    Friday made. thxco!