We Held Off On Wombat Wednesday….

…because today happens to be World Wombat Day! This is Jazz, a resident of the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary. Photo from @Tasmania Twitter.



  1. PHoebe's Mom says:

    OMG…look at those teef!!

  2. And those googly eyes – “Oh, hi there!”

  3. And then there are those claws……………………….

  4. Jazz looks so friendly (minus the claws)!

  5. Emmberrann says:

    Yay, Wombats!

  6. Jazz looks like the friendly old guy at the end of the bar. “Nice day, innit?” I’d like to have a drink with him!

  7. Totally picture him at the end of the bar, “you work out don’t you?” heh! He is a total cutie.

  8. Just being there, wombatting on.

  9. grytlappar says:

    So happy. 🙂 ‘Ello mate!

  10. What a happy little guy! Love the smile, it melts my heart.

  11. I think I just turned into a big pile of goo. ❤

  12. THE TEEF! ❤

  13. I say this every time, but it’s true. I really really really need a wombat.