In Which Gordo Visits Morro Bay

Gordo The English McBulldoggersons decided to visit Morro Bay, California- and brought his hoomins along to do the photography. GORDO DON’T EAT THAT! Good Griefersons. “Here we are at the dog beach located on the strand just north of Morro Bay. There is almost no one here today and Gordo zones in on his target right away: a huge chunk of seaweed (aka-kelp).” -Mariana S.



  1. Oh lord, I remember that type of seaweed from my last hiking trip to the Left Coast! Whole masses of it wash up on the beaches and look unsettlingly like… ahem… little swimmers going for the gold. They stink to high heaven, too — perhaps that’s why the pupster likes them so much!

  2. Sharon Wilson says:

    Looks like old home movies!

  3. @kodalai Funniest description of kelp ever. In bullies head it smells just fine and dandy.

  4. The first time I saw kelp I thought aliens had landed. I squeezed the bulb on one and it squirted all over the place ;p

  5. Dorje Sylas says:

    Just be careful with seaweed and pets. Seaweed absorbs moisture in the stomach and gut, causing it to expand and cause blockages. While there can be some health benefits to kelp, it should be in powdered form, not “fresh” off the US coast with pollution contaminants.