Guess We Can’t Call ‘Em “Doggles,” Now Can We?

“This is my kitty Nori. She has an infection on her chin. They made us all put on goggles before they used the laser on her chin. I think she’s the cutest little kitty burrito I’ve ever seen!
I hope you will post her picture!” -Abby K.


  1. kibblenibble says:

    Aww! Feel better, Nori! 💕

  2. You are so cute, Nori.

  3. New name: snorggles. All species included. Since her name is Nori, wouldn’t she be a kitty sushi rather than a burrito?


  5. Obviously that is a catfish handroll.

    My cat would have to be sedated out of her mind before she let you do that.

  6. Girl in black Nori says “I make these look Good.”

  7. grytlappar says:

    My cat also needed to be wrapped in a towel when visiting the vet. Not for something extreme like this, but just for… sitting.

  8. You wear them well, Nori. We hope your ouchie goes away soon.

  9. I hope sweet Nori is feeling better ❤

  10. Those ears say, “I’m plotting revenge.”

  11. Emmberrann says:

    @Juno, that was my thought, too! Nori is Not Happy. All humans in the immediate area will have to be on alert for a Nori-splosion on when the purrito is unwrapped!

  12. Once A Fish says:

    If they’re not “doggles”, then they have to be “cattles”…right?

  13. The goggles I can’t see nothing!

  14. “Kitty Burritos” are one of the cutest things ever… #1 is a T-Cup Pig

  15. Ohhh I see what’s really happening here… the goggles are actually to block the lazer blasts from Nori’s eyes when she is un-burrittoed.

  16. Nori, I am sorry you have an owie and hope it gets better soon but you look adorable in your goggles!