Ever Get The Feeling…

…that you’re being watched? The first vid has a great BAROO, BTW. (Woulda done that “I always feel like somebody’s watching me” but we’ve used that already.)

(Paul P.)



  1. Sharon Wilson says:

    And Mr. Shiba Inu is probably not allowed on the bed…

  2. .. BUSTED !! ..

  3. I love this doggie! He can come to my house and have pillow fights to his hearts content!

  4. Aww, 1st pup looks just like Nipper (RCA mascot – and originator of the Baroo?)

  5. Shiba? I thought he was a Basenji.

  6. Who’s been sleeping in my bed?

  7. molehillbutnomountain says:

    End of 2nd video: “my work here is done.”

  8. I love the song the people are singing in the background to (presumably) the other pet. Maybe he’s jealous that they aren’t singing to him?

  9. Basenjis and shibas are sometimes mistaken for each other, but only basenjis have that tightly curled tail and the shiba has a bushy one. I still miss my basenji, but shibas are great,too. Currently have a 15 year old JRT and a 4 year old Shi Tzu/poodle mix, both rescues. Named the little one Regina,but call her Reggie. Named in memory of Rex,my late basenji boy.