Introducing…Rule Of Cuteness #60!

Gina S. says: “I have reviewed the ROCs and find there is nary a word about bath-time, excessive hygiene, nor even re: wet animals/general wetness, bath-induced or other. Therefore, in honor of my new grand-dog Florence, I would like to recommend the following:

“If bath-time reduces your total body matter by up to 50%, that’s cute.”

Consider it DONE! BEFORE, above. AFTER, below. “Photos of Florence by her new parents, my son and his GF. Florence is a rescue Llasa-Poo. She received a bath on Day One. Just because. Florence will undoubtedly get her social media sites in order soon — as soon as g-ma gets the dresses, sweateuws (sp? couldn’t find in Glossary*!) and Halloween costume(s) ready.”



[*Note: “Sweateuws” added to Glossary. We regret the oversight. -Ed.]



  1. An excellent new rule. 🙂 Florence is ridiculously cute ❤

  2. Emmberrann says:

    What a sweet li’l face! Particularly after her floof got wet! Very adorable doggeh.

  3. A most adorable addition! Although…motion to amend “total body matter” to “overall floof volume (OFV)” since no actual puppeh matter is lost during the bathing process?

  4. 6ToedCatsRule says:

    Anything to help me lose some weight. Um, how does that work?

  5. I love the new rule!!! And Florence? Almost painfully cute. I think grandma is gonna spoil this little furball like crazy. 🙂

  6. I had to bathe the back half of an incredibly floofy kitten after he had the runs. Front and back half looked like completely different kittens.

  7. Gina Smith says:

    6ToedCatsRule: I guess you would have to stay in the tub until well past the pruning process. Thanks to CO for Flo’s Rule, says her grand-dog-mom!

  8. I second zfg’s proposed change to Overall Floof Volume (+ bonus points for acronym). And while I’m being pedantic, shouldn’t it be “more than 50%”? “Up to” implies anything from 0% to 50%.

  9. If you take a bath and lose up to 50% of your body matter, switch to a milder soap. Or maybe don’t scrub so hard with the loofah. Dial it back a little, Monk.

  10. That is one cute puppeh! Love her name.

  11. I love the new rule and I agree that Florence is ridiculously, painfully cute, wet or dry!

  12. A star is born! How pretty and personable Florence is, and such a sweet face!

  13. Yeah what Carina said! 😀 And I also agree with zfg. Puppeh floof is a serious matter. O_o