THIS JUST IN: Maru And Hana Won’t Get Fooled Again

In an unprecedented SECOND video this week, Mugumogu shows us that THIS time around, The Dynamic Duo ain’t fallin’ for the same ol’ gag.



  1. Love the look on Maru’s face: I’m ashamed of you and I can’t even look.

  2. Maruuu :3
    So funny XD

  3. Oh the look on his Roundness’ face is “really I’m not falling for that trick…again”

  4. @Carla Exactly!

  5. Poor Hana and Maru! Such disgusted/disappointed expressions! Maru’s tail twitches irritably. They are feeling quite exasperated by such trickery! (It’s time for a treat!!)

  6. Hana looks especially disgusted, I think.

  7. @Sabrina Rose – yes, hopefully there will be a 3rd video with real treats 😀

  8. Hah! Hanna says “Maru TOLD ME about you’re trick!” and for once, it is solidarity between the two against Mommy!
    Yes, the squinting eyes, the looks of utter disgust, having to turn away….. and to have had the whole thing MADE PUBLIC on CO!!!

  9. Fave parts are when The Circle looks away because he just cannot be bothered with such nonsense. 😀

  10. Awwww, Hana has lost her innocence.

  11. leannkaattari says:


  12. Mom lies.

  13. They told us Santa was real, too!? Harrumph says The Circle.

  14. mARU,LARGE OF snark,has a new aprentice

  15. grytlappar says:

    Hana’s face is so cute. 🙂