Someone Needs To Watch Maru’s Channel

Humbaba The Great decided that the Maru Box Philosophy of “If I Fits I Sits” wasn’t quite working for him, so he just crushed the box and fell asleep. Works for me. “I’d say Humbaba the Great found his happy place,” says Joy.



  1. Gorgeous cat, and I love his name. Yes, he’s clearly riffing on Maru’s original concept: “If I doesn’t fits…I still sits!” 😀

  2. What a beautiful cat! I have never seen one with that coloring. He looks pretty happy.

  3. What a beauuuutiful kitteh!

  4. “Ahhhhhh, just right–too small.”

  5. Smartypants, the name comes from The Epic of Gilgamesh, an Old Babylonian epic about a king. Humbaba was a forest giant, if memory serves. You probably already know this.

  6. @debg – cool, thank you! I’ve heard of Gilgamesh, but Humbaba must’ve got by me 🙂

  7. Humbaba has the same box-sitting philosophy as my birman boy Mowgli. I’ve lost count of the number of board game box lids he’s happily squished apart at the seams. Rapidly running out of heavy duty packaging tape…send supplies now!

  8. He stretched a little and made it a recliner box!

  9. And debg, my son was studying Middle Eastern Folklore (Syrian I think) when he got this sweet kitty. Humbaba the Great – guardian of the forest just seemed to fit!

  10. Gorgeous cat. Great name. But I’m hoping he gets to also live indoors, as it appears this box is on concrete.