Looooo-Cee! I’m Hoooome!

Actually- Ricky Ricardo (and Fred Mertz for that matter) are nowhere to be found on this small lake in Quackerville, CA.



  1. lol nice tag for the pic, i was trying to puzzle that out myself. Goose on the left? ducks on the right? Do they all have little feather mohawks?!

  2. @Tamara – I think you’ve called it correctly – goose on the left, 4 ducks on the right (I was waiting to see if a fowl expert would post last night). I don’t know about the hairdo on the goose, but there’s a breed of duck that has those powderpuffs on top.

  3. Not in the photo is the Brown Derby restaurant on the other side of the lake. William Holden eats there…. 😀