Fresh From The Big J….

Gotta admit, “Neko Atsume” has flown under the Big J radar as far as I’m concerned. It seems that this is a cat game you play on your mobile phone. OK, I get it. And since Japan is obsessed with cats, naturally you have to make…air fresheners with the kitteh on them. Sure, why not?

UPDATE 2:30pm PT: For those who are searching for these on the iTunes App Store, maybe this will help.


Four distinct scents for you: “Gentle Jasmine, Cozy Berry, Relaxing Floral, and Refreshing Shampoo.”

Peel off the sticky decal and put them anywhere that needs a little “freshening.”

The car dashboard, for example.

Or at work.

The kitteh rotates around the freshener, too.

(Andrew Y. saw it on RN24. If you wanna gaze at some fantastic Big J advertising, here they are.)



  1. “Refreshing shampoo”?

  2. I love these, I’d buy them!

  3. leannkaattari says:

    That’s Maru, right? The cat stuck in the box?

  4. Ooh, I have now downloaded the game, and it is adorable! I don’t know any Japanese, but it’s pretty easy with a little tutorial. I am using this site to help me:

  5. @Claire: make sure you get the daily password to collection a stamp. Five stamps get you a free can of cat food in the game! You can follow the daily password postings on this reddit page:

  6. If anyone figures out a way to order these in the US, please shares. I want these so bad. Each cat is the color of a family or friend’s pet, so I would love to give as gifts. Thanks!

  7. How do you download it from the App Store! I can’t seem to find it. 😦

  8. ScoutsMom, I don’t see them on Amazon, but there are other Neko Atsume products available. (I want these too.)

  9. Wait ’til you see what’s coming up tomorrow from The Land of The Rising QTE. 6am PT. Be there.

  10. @Marc-Andre, see updated image top of post.

  11. @edmundh Thanks! This is so delightful! I have an Android, so apparently I do need those passwords. Also finding the app in Google Play was no problem at all; sorry Apple people.

  12. I want to know if they are available in Canada and, if not, how can we get the company to sell them in Canada?! 😀