#Tocktober: Bee-Lieve It!

Sharon D. suggests that Bees are “another under-represented group.” I think that’s an accurate statement.



  1. No one has a comment for the bee butt?Harumph!

  2. Bee-tox!

  3. Thanks Smartypants!I can sleep now knowing that such a magnificent creature,and its’ posterior have received the comment they decidedly deserve!

  4. fkaWaldenPond says:

    Hey Murkle, All day I have been meaning to comment but kept getting interrupted by work. *sigh* I am glad to see I am not the only *um* *person* who sits in the park at lunchtime and admires the fine bee tocks in the flowers!

  5. I think bees – real honeybees and bumblebees, not those packets of rage and fear known as wasps – are adorable. What I really love is the Japanese word for bumblebee, “kumabachi.” It means “bear bee.” Isn’t that cute? I think it’s cute.

  6. Seconded, Katie. Love me some “real” bees. (Yellow jackets and hornets are right out.) I like the little fur stoles honeybees wear.