THIS One Can’t WAIT ‘Til The 31st!

Tiny Hamsters. Going Trick or Treating. ‘Nuff said.

(As seen by John M.)



  1. Bunny has even been Trump-ed! LOL! This is great.

  2. Super cute critters but this lady has WAY too much time on her hands…….

  3. @elishab, I believe they are a small film company that produces ads, these Hello Denizen videos are probably a creative project and a fun way to show their work. They are adorable! Very well staged and produced.

  4. but were those fuzzies eating candy? That can’t be good for them.

  5. @Deb, thanks,I kinda thought it might be a film company. I think I am a bit jealous that people actually get paid to do this type of work and have fuzzy babies to play with!

  6. Th candy and snacks were all made hammie-safe. 🙂
    “As always, we work closely with trainers to keep the hamsters safe and happy. All food is strictly reviewed to ensure it’s hamster-healthy. The gummy bears are made out of veggie juice; the taffy is carrot wrapped in rice paper; the candy corn is, well, corn with carrots; and the pumpkins are carved from carrots!”

    The gummy bears look good and I would like to nom on one 😀

  7. This just made my day! I might just watch this on a loop for awhile. I love airplane guinea pig. My ratties would have a field day in this “neighborhood,” although it’s impossible to keep costumes on them.

  8. I especially loved the hammie as pizza rat. Wonderful!

  9. @elishab, I am jealous, too! 😉 What a great job!