So..How Does This Work, Exactly?

[Well, I watched the hoomins do it- you STAND UP on it, and ride a wave. And then fall down and crash into the surf. Personally, I like just sliding off it better.]

(From Wendy M.)



  1. Blorpin’ USA!

  2. Need more wax, kuk.

  3. grytlappar says:

    This needs thought bubbles. They’re all “Dammit!” 😀

  4. These guys need fingers stat!!

  5. It’s hard to hang ten when you can’t even hang flipper!

  6. Sharon Wilson says:

    They need less wax, Copperbat!

  7. I didn’t know seals had wrists – cool!

    @Saffron – “Blorpin’ USA” – snerk – 😀

  8. Ahhh! That was very funny especially the sealy-po which FINALLY got on the board only to slip straight off the other side!