Presenting…The New Roomba II™!

Sleeker and more energy efficient than the original Roomba™- the New Roomba II™ cleans more of the floor than ever before!

“Saw this on Gothamist. Worthwhile, I promise.” -Carrie S.



  1. I got the giggling snorts from that!!
    Boston: “Thank god nobody saw that!”

  2. grytlappar says:
  3. Looks like Pixel’s antics are spreading

  4. @Faye. That’s a Frenchie, not a Boston. Says in the title. I thought it was Pixel for a moment but he IS a Boston

  5. @Lindsay
    Frenchie: Mon dieu, glad nobody saw that! 😀

  6. @grytlappar – that’s perfect! My first thought was “he looks like some kind of sea creature” and you got it exactly. 😀

  7. Blue Footed Booby says:

    My first thought was rogue red blood cell.

  8. I looked at my roomba but sadly there is no adorable doggeh under it… 😀

  9. Is this the back scenes of New Jersey Housewives?