Just The Second Kookaburra EVER

C.O. hasn’t had a Kookaburra photo since way back in November of 2006! We deeply regret this oversight, and lay some Kookaburra Action on you RIGHT NOW. Get a load of THIS little beakster!




  1. Am I the only one who thought a kookaburra was a furry critter (kinda like a koala) rather than a boid? What an adorable little face he has! And let’s hope it’s not another 9 years before we see another one. Yay for CO! 🙂

  2. Let’s all raid the CO office and demand more Kookaburra action *wink*

  3. BatBlaster says:

    And I thought bats were rare here…
    Aren’t these best known for their call being an overused stock sound effect than their looks.

  4. Oh man, K-burr has a better real estate agent than I had since the view from my house…is the house across the street. 😀

  5. Australia has the BEST animals

  6. The Original Jane says:

    Dang. What an awesome, beautiful photo!

  7. cat slave says:

    Batblaster: Here’s a pretty good youtoob of a kookaburra singing away.

  8. Merry, merry king of the bush is he indeed. Laugh, kookaburra, laugh…………………..gay your life must be. Especially with the killer view. Forget the old gum tree, that ledge is a fantastic perch.

  9. Awesome addition Cat Slave! That is worthy of the main page of CO! I love his wiggles that accompany his sounds. Added bonus, it is from the Cincinnati Zoo! Brinke, what say you?

  10. That’s the cutest bird I’ve ever seen! Please, please . . . we need more cowbell, I mean Kookaburra!

  11. New tourism slogan: “In Australia, even the birds smile!”

  12. Funny enough, I immediately remembered the little song Rose cited and that I have learned at school more than 50 years ago – in Germany! A rather famous bird that already made its way around the world in those days and again today ;)!

  13. Yes, the KB song is still in my head. Luv the floofiness. Who knew, in grade school, these were real birds?!