Less Than Two Weeks ‘Til Halloween-

..and this magnificent little Stumpers STILL can’t figure out the significance of this magnificent little pumpkin! Get it, little guy! Get Fierce!




  1. “Wat r u?!

    Y u in mai house!?


  2. 260Oakley says:

    “En gourd, you fiend!”

  3. deft motif says:

    Pumpkin knows what it did!

  4. To preemptively answer everyone’s question, no, Corgis can not do anything that ISN’T adorable.

  5. Cinderella, beware. I will eat your tiny mice horses!

  6. @Oakley! Thou doth slay again!

  7. Those little flippy ears! WTG, Oakley!

  8. I’m ded now. Never saw a baby Corgi before.

  9. Sharon Wilson says:

    The silent barks are so funneh!

  10. That’s no ordinary Gourd .. It’s a killer !! (Killer Gourd of Caerbannog-MPATHG)

  11. Simon Reed says:

    Can dogs eat the whole pumpkin?