H2Oh NO You Don’t

[I don’t want any of THAT water! It’s too cold! Can we please get some room temp water in here?]




  1. Hehe, @wuyizidi, that is awesome! I was thinking similar – “Mom, it bit me back!”

  2. Heh, my parents Retrieve REFUSED to drink water unless it was chilled from the refrigerator or, interestingly, feted from the bird bath in the yard. Fresh cold water or algae laden from the yard. She was a dog of extremes.

  3. Like any attentive servant I refill the bowl with filtered, refrigerated water every morning. My cat would then paw at it like this puppy, spilling some. Only afterwards does she drink from it. Not sure what that’s about.

  4. Jenny Islander says:

    I’ve got one that will drink from his water dish, the toilet, the bathroom sink faucet, or the tub faucet. But only one of them on any given day. He rotates according to an algorithm he has not revealed to me.

  5. I’m wondering if possibly doggie has a chipped tooth or a cavity?? Being zapped by something cold usually alerts me that one of my fillings has fallen out! 😦

  6. Another casualty of Global Warming. Water Too Cold!