Bunday ResQte Of The Week

These orphaned Bebeh Buns came in as rubbers (baby bunnies are black with no fur and look like black rubbers) after they were injured in a fire. They’re now grown, healthy and back into the wild living out their Happy Bunneh Lives. Thanks go to the folks of the Raven Ridge Wildlife Center.

Photographer: Betsy



  1. Look at the teeny earsies! I is ded. Floored even.

  2. OMG – this is a Win on every level. Too sweet. Well done, rescue people.

  3. The pink lips on the little booger at the top is so cute!

  4. Disapproval clearly stars at a young age.

  5. *dies of cute buns alert*

  6. So glad these precious bebeh buns were saved. That fire had to scary for them- love their leetle hearts.

  7. That first picture of the bunny looks like it’s making a ‘yoips!’ face.

  8. nekked buns? om my. betcha’ still cute. thanks for an eggssellent bunday-sunday post.

  9. Teeny-yet-big-ears! Teeny pink lips! Teeny baby dissaproves! And sweet humans doing good? Perfect post!

  10. Wonderful stories and such sweet little faces! Perfect Bunday today!

  11. The one in the 1st pic looks like he has a British accent. “Unhand me at once, madam! I shall suffer this indignity no longer! Cease all further nose boops!”

  12. @Katie, LOL – “I shall summon a Constable forthwith!” 😀

  13. *klunk* They were/are ridiculously cute and they were super fun to raise. The teeny bunns provide the largest disapprovals. When they were released they did binkies in the grass. It warmed my heart to see them so happy and free.

  14. Many Thanks to Cute Overload for sharing the super cute pictures of some of our patients. As always we love release day … it is a happy/sad day to raise something so tiny and then to releasing them into their natural environment. ~ they really were cute~