Bunday Morning Comix

As seen on Bored Panda, and created by Cat Versus Human.



  1. YES!!! Kittehs have tiny alarm clocks hidden away somewhere so they know exactly what time to pounce/purr/make pitiful sounds to signal death by starvation…

  2. Hehe, too true!

    When my office cat came home to live with me, she walked around howling at the furniture for the first few nights – all night! And she kept patting my face to wake me – I realized that in the office, she had never seen a sleeping person, so she thought she needed to save me. “Hoomin, are you OK? Should I call 911?” She was a great cat.

  3. “death by starvation”! so true!

  4. @SmartyPants That is a wonderful story. A cat who had never seen a human sleep!!