Caturday: Nette Katzen*

Let’s check in with a first-time submitter from across the Big Pond! “Hello, I am from Germany, but in the holidays usually in Austria with my husband. We like to play with the farm cats (Loki- white-red fur, green eyes and Freya, white-red fur, blue eyes) were very playful kittens and their mother was often hiding under the bush) and we have nice photos of them. I am often on Cute Overload and the pictures and films makes me often smile or giggle. So thank you. Maybe you like the pictures. When you like more pictures (other cats too) please just tell me.” -Elisabeth D.

[*Note: We like, please send and thank you for your kind email! -Ed.]

Freya(Kitten -Sister- blu eyes)

(*”Cute Cats.”)



  1. Just a heads up: “Nette Katzen” would translate to “Nice Cats”, not “Cute Cats”. That doesn’t mean they’re any less cute, though. They just happen to be nice as well. 🐱

  2. Adorable! I only get the occasional wild bun bun that runs away from me.

  3. I would like to see more pictures of these kittens as well. They are so adorable! I love the muzzle of the kitten in the first picture. It’s a bit darker than the surrounding fur. It’s just cute!

  4. I love these! Would love to see more – thank you Elisabeth D.!

    First cat: “Hmph, I’m not sure about this”
    2nd cat: “Come on, don’t be a party pooper – show them how cute you are – like this!”

  5. Die Kleine katzen sind sehr lieblich!

  6. @yorekani: Interesting- that’s what Google Translate gave me the first time. So just now I tried again, and it gave me “Fat Cats.” I tried once more, and it’s back to “Cute Cats.” Close enough!

  7. Elisabeth says:

    Hello, here is Elisabeth,
    Thank you all for your kindly comments.
    The both were a kind of brat but very”cuddly” too.
    Yes, i have more cat photos;)
    I think the right translatio for “cute” is “niedlich” – so :”niedliche Katzen” will work..