Welcome to Ferret Friday

“My sister has two lovely tube cats, Ronnie and Jimmy, here’s some of my favourite photos of them,” writes Jacqueline F. “The above photo is Ronnie being a ferret monorail. The last photo is of the two of them cuddling in their helmet-nest!




  1. Tube cats!? Genius!

  2. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Carpet sharks!

    I love the grumbly face on the rightmost helmet tubecat.

  3. Tube cats!! Omgosh!! Perfect description!!

  4. Great pix! All the aluminum in Pic #1 totally works with the ‘monorail’ meme – and you’ve gotta love the ‘helmet nest’ – safety first! 😀

  5. As the conveyer belt of impending demise bore him closer to certain doom Robin the boy wonder remained unflappable knowing that before the 30 minute sitcom was over Batman would rescue him from the _________ (Joker’s, Penguin’s, Riddler’s, fill in the blank) clutches once more!

  6. Sharon Wilson says:

    The first pic is perfect for Nosevember!