#Tocktober: Ready For ‘Tock Take Off

Not ALL ‘Tocks remain on the ground, you know. Looks like a Seagull, maybe? (Complete with its own Privacy Feathers, too.) Thanks to Jena J.



  1. Great pic with the wing action, Jena J.! Very cool.

  2. For some reason this reminds me of the karate kid.

  3. what is up with the focus on behinds? all these tock photos and stuff? this gull is very pretty by the way.

  4. Hi Roberta4949 – on Cute Overload, October is “‘Tocktober” – featuring photos of cute animal ‘tocks (behinds). Then November is “Nosevember” featuring…noses. Hope this helps!

  5. Jenny Islander says:

    Not to mention Bunday, Rats, It’s Monday, Toesday, Wombat Wednesday, I forget what Thursday is, Ferret Friday, and of course Caturday!

  6. …Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday too! 😀