TGIF! (Sea Otter Edition)

Wanna see a Sea Otter get a brain freeze? Of course you do. Thanks to Emily S. for the Cheezburger gif.

It’s 5pm PT……so say it with us—TGIF!




  1. BatBlaster says:

    If the star of this gif were to write a book about themself, would it be an otterbiography

  2. Hehe, BatBlaster, that’s otterly brilliant!

    Is it me, or does this fellow look like Teddy Roosevelt?

  3. @BatBlaster lol. Otter this world funny.

  4. The whiskers,the teeths,the pawsies……… oh so cute!

  5. Heehee. I know how that feels sometimes.

  6. Good one Bat Blaster!