Make It A Pokemon #Tocktober

I’m gonna put the disclaimer out there right now- I know nothing about Pokemon. Other than they’re Cute and from you-know-where. The first two photos must be keyrings. What’s the third picture? And I’m getting a distinct WinnieThe Pooh and Tigger vibe here, too. Anyone able to do a translayshe from this site? Ran a bit of text thru Google Translate, and it told me, “Cushion of Pikachu (left) Chirutto (right) Soft, it is.” Thanks Yoda, that settles that.

“Saw this linked on another website earlier, and HAD to send it to you guys! Pokemon ‘Tocks! PS: Been following your site since the beginning, and still check it daily!” -Kristi M.






  1. Judging by the clasps, I think those are charms rather than keyrings. Other than that . . . I got nothing.

  2. Fun Fact!
    There are no cows or pigs in the Poke world.Guess what hamburgers are made of there?Eww.

  3. The pokemon left to right are, Pikachu, Piplup, Growlithe, (the next two I forget their names, the fourth is some kinda cloud bird and the fifth I think is something like Ottsel?) and Azumarill.

  4. The Pokemon ‘tocks belong to:
    Pikachu, Piplup, Growlithe, Swablu, Buizel, Azumarill
    Bulbapedia used as reference.

  5. The long looped ones aren’t key rings, they’re cell phone decorations. It may be an actual law in Japan that every phone in Japan must have at least one charm on it. Some high school girls have 10-15 of them on their phones. The short clasps are zipper pulls.

  6. They are cushions/throw pillows. In case you want to put your face on a Pokemon’s bum, I suppose.