Goody, “Sesame Street” is On…

Bet’cha can’t guess who my favorite character is! Go ahead, guess.


Via Reddit.


  1. Um…I am guessing your favorite character us…Big Bird? I am not very good at guessing games. But seriously, how do cat owners dress their cats in cute costumes like this and live to take pictures of it???

  2. Oh good grief…… 🙂
    My guess is Grouch??? Teehee….

  3. seriously, head must xploded. I’m not even a “cat” person. Cookie Monster 4ever.

  4. I’m kind of thinking his head is poking through the outfit and the body and kitty arms are not real. This kitty is to perfect lol.

  5. BatBlaster says:

    Silly kitty, you can’t eat those.

  6. what a great smile

  7. I’m wondering if it’s actually Photoshopped, because @Tamara is right, the rest of it isn’t real. Coookieeee!!!

  8. Emmberrann says:

    C is for Cookie…. No! It’s for Cat!!

  9. Best Sesame Street satire ever . . . Alistair Cookie hosting “Monsterpiece Theater”!
    Methinks Kitty is a fan.

  10. Cookie is my favorite too,McKittersons!!! Needs a “what is going on here….. I don’t even” tag. 🙂

  11. Needs the googly eyes.