Flashback Friday: Buzzer The Cat, 1912-1916

Great article from Mashable on Gunther The Studio Cat. What’s a “Studio Cat,” you say? A fellow named Arnold Genthe had a NYC portrait studio WAY back in the day…

..and Buzzer was used as a “prop” with female subjects, to put them at ease.








  1. Alice Shortcake says:

    What an obliging cat! If anyone tried to use my Daisy as a photographic prop she wouldn’t put them at ease, she’d put them in hospital.

  2. Jenny Islander says:

    What a life! Hang around under warm studio lights all day, get paid in pettins.

  3. wow lady 224-A was an intemporal beauty

  4. VAL – I thought the same thing! Lovely girl and looks the most “modern” and timeless. And kudos to such a relaxed cat!

  5. A 2nd wow – these are just lovely! Beautiful women and beautiful possible Marmie?

  6. LunaChickFringe says:

    I wish I could see more of those clothes!

  7. The women are all beautiful. The cat is gorgeous. The best pictures imo are those where both human and cat are looking directly into the camera. Timeless.
    (Yes, great gig for Mr. Cat)

  8. @Val My thoughts exactly. She actually looks familiar.

  9. Lady 1574-E and the cat have the identical expression.
    Lady 224-A looks like she was comfortable unpinning her hair. Very unusual and lovely.

  10. I think the first picture is gross with her holding the cat yet wearing all those dead animals.

  11. 224A looks like actress Juliette Lewis at age twenty-ish.

    Love these pix! So much personality from all the subjects, including of course the cat.

  12. Alice Shortcake says:

    1574-E looks like a star of silent films!

  13. Love these pictures! Lovely and unique.

  14. The last one is like:Do I have to hold the cat? Just hold the the cat. Seriously,I dont want to hold the cat. Its cute,just hold the cat.
    Cat:I dont want to be held.Do I have to?

  15. The face of a kitty looking for an escape route is unmistakable.

  16. I agree that 224A is the most modern looking, and I wonder if maybe she was younger than the rest? Back then, did, say, a 15 or 16 year old still use a more natural look, and then when someone turned 18 or 21 that’s when she started conforming to the current fashion standards in hair styles and makeup?

    Also, if the cat’s name was Gunther, what does the word Buzzer in the post title refer to? Is that photographer slang I’m unfamiliar with?

  17. @ In…………. me too- disgusting! 😦

  18. That fox “scarf” is just horrible!

  19. Maybe he meowed in way that sounded like a buzzer?He purred in a way that was buzzer like?He alerted the photographer to people approaching like a door buzzer?Maybe he was really fond of getting high on catnip?

  20. I looked at the Mashable page (I probably should have done that sooner) and it says the cat’s name (or cats’ name; there may have been more than one, over time) was Buzzer. The word Gunther does not appear on the Mashable page. So I guess my question should have been what does the word Gunther refer to?