Trick Or Treat, Teddy?

In this always popular Encore Presentaysh, we return to visit Teddy Bear who is still enjoyin’ him some lip-smackin’ Halloween Punkins. Who needs Brach’s candy pumpkins when you can nom the real thing?

[*Note: Who do we need to bribe down there to get ’em to make a new TB video? -Ed.]



  1. Copperbat says:

    Why is it so dang cute when a porcupine does this but maddeningly annoying when people do the same thing?

  2. woofiesma says:

    Who determined that Ted is a boy? And how thick were the gloves that were used? Inquiring mind here.

  3. What language, Teddy!

  4. Can Teddy Bear PLEASE be a Trading Card?????