#Tocktober In South Africa

Can’t say that we have had too many Antelope ‘Tocks so far this ‘Tocktober, so here we go! Comments and photo from Brian S.:

“Our family loves checking out C.O. every day. Here is a ‘Tocktober shot for your consideration, perhaps to raise the African content a smidge. This is the South end of a North-Facing Oryx (Gemsbok) Antelope, taken in ‘Tocktober 2012 at Tswalu ecotourism resort in the Southern Kalahari desert in South Africa.”



  1. Very fine ‘tocks! But those horns are truly magnificent!! Such beauty. I’ve read quite a bit about the Kalahari, makes me want to go on a photo safari.

  2. Gemsbox ‘tox.