The Language Of Dogs And Cats

Try as we might- sometimes we JUST CANNOT understand what the little girls and guys are saying. Artist Lili Chin has developed these posters that should help, and you can download them free from her site. You can click the CAT image below for C.O. Super-Size™.

(Design Taxi.)


  1. 6ToedCatsRule says:

    So, what does it mean when my cat just sits there staring at me when I call her name? And then starts knocking stuff off the counters?

  2. mayitaazul says:

    6ToedCatsRule, it means your cat is a jerk! Which should definitely be a separate category on this poster!

  3. Jenny Islander says:

    @6ToedCatsRule: It means “I’m so bored. You’re boring. The way you react when I do this isn’t boring. I’m going to do it some more.” *SMASH*

  4. The cat one is adorable.

  5. These are wonderful charts, really quite helpful! :}

  6. totchipanda says:

    Some of the dog ones are applicable to cats, too. I had left my kitty in the care of friends while my apartment was undergoing a precautionary treatment for bedbugs, he was there for three weeks. When I went to visit him mid-way through that time, he was very happy to see me, but also REALLY MAD, so he would sit nearby (“I want to be with you!”) but sit with his back to me (“but I’m really really mad, MUM”), until his need for cuddles won out over the anger lol.