Here It IS- You Know What To Do!

Despite what our earlier post stated, (“This Is NOT A Belly Rub Request,) that sure is what it looks like to me! This is MAO, doing what he does best. Thanks to Nicola Q.



  1. That looks like some fine snorgling territory. It would be hard to resist the urge to snorgle that belleh.

  2. ITS A TRAP!

  3. “Cataloons – now available in Extra Fluffy style.”

  4. Jacqueline says:

    Please please get rid of the Target pop up ads! They cover this little guys face and DO NOT “hide” when you try to get rid of them – at least not on iPad! I love your site but just hate those darned intrusive ads!

  5. @Smartypants: Well, Mao in Chinese means ‘hair’. So he’s aptly named.

  6. Who says shaggy rugs are out of style?!?!?!? 😀 @Jendeyan, I concur about the urge to snorgle that premium-quality belleh – it would be worth the inevitable claw-in-the-scalp ending.

  7. Blue Footed Booby says:

    The way most web ads work is by websites selling space to an ad service, who rotate ads in and out of individual slots based on a crazy algorithm that keys off keywords on the page itself and tracking cookies users. In other words, while most services have a way of reporting overtly malicious ads, it’s generally not possible for the website admins to pick and choose which ads are or aren’t shown.

    I’m not an ad expert or anything, just a regular nerd, but that’s my understanding.

  8. One of my tabbehs loves a good belleh rub, so I would go right in for a snorgle on this magnificent kitteh.

  9. choosing pets that match your flooring helps hide their fur.

  10. Mary Lou Finnegan says:

    BFB, thanks for the clarification, but J is right. “hide” does not work reliably on an IPad. Incredibly annoying! Surely someone can do something…

  11. Mooooom! The Swiffer is staring at me!

  12. C.O. you have done it again. I have keeled over in an overwhelming flash of kitteh belly. Help me…….

  13. fleurdamour says:

    This is the Danger Will Robinson kitty pose – you just know if you go in for the rub, your hand will become a claw pincushion, but you just can’t resist.