Caturday: Pancakes For Breakfast, Please

Some OJ, maybe a side order of hash browns, and- oh yes. I’d like PANCAKES. Hold the syrup and butter, though! “His name is Pancakes, he’s a lovable Pooh Bear of a kitty.” -Laura D.

[*Note: Can’t forget Rule Of Cuteness #41: Exposing a vulnerable area is cute. -Ed.]



  1. Did I miss a day on the calendar Brinke????

  2. @elishab – I really had to stop and think – did I miss something? Maybe Brinke’s giving us a 3-day weekend! 😀

    It’d be a shame to have to wait for the splendor of Pancakes – handsome kitteh!

  3. You know, that’s quite remarkably silly on my part. How did I ever do that?

  4. I want to sink my fingers into that plush belly fur.

    Also: ROC #57!

  5. @Juno, good call, I was going to invoke that one too – and possibly the “Sleeping in a sunbeam” one – although outdoors is kind of one big sunbeam.

    And a possible new Rule – “Rose-petal tongue is Cute” (mostly seen on Pugs).

  6. All good on any day of the week Brinke – fun name and fun post – I agree on new rule for peeping tongue (thought it already existed though…)
    I like Pancakes!

  7. Any day is a good day when there is a marmie in it!

  8. Floofy marmy, belleh exposed. It’s a very good thing.