Why Won’t It Wave Back To Me?

[I haz a friendship for it but it won’t wave back, OK I guess I’ll have to go check things out. Oh-oh, Cheryl got the camera out- that means EVIDENCE.]

(“You’ve featured Gilbert a few times, most recently a couple of weeks ago. Thought you might enjoy this! There’s Paws Up involved: even a Baroo!” -Cheryl.)



  1. Socalgirly 75 says:

    My dog does this same thing when she sees the little ceramic dogs and cats at the vets office. So cute!

  2. Gilbert’s a clever boy, trying to reach from every spot possible. I also love his wishful thinking: “I’m nowhere close, but maybe if I just lift my paw again, it will magically reach.”

  3. My cat probably would have tried to jump right up, probably knocking the cat down, and all the pictures and items of value on the mantel leading them to crash to pieces on the floor. Not like I’m speaking from experience or anything….nope, definitely not.